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Top 10 Hospitality Marketing Solutions Companies – 2022

In the wake of COVID, there is an ongoing change in how hospitality businesses market their services to the target audience. Today, hotels are more vigilant of the present world activities and taking steps toward bringing the importance of safety procedures and hygiene policies to the fore through the adoption of contactless customer-facing operations powered by mobile apps. Distribution and communication channels that fulfill the demands of leisure travelers and the adoption of website analytics and booking data that empower hoteliers to detect changes in customer behavior are becoming mainstays in the hospitality marketing arena. Several hotels are equipped with VR and AR to provide reality tours via web browsers for customers to virtually experience the location.

From a technology standpoint, AR/VR-powered solutions enable end consumers to take virtual tours of hotels and resorts, boosting their decision-making while aiding hoteliers in gaining crucial information about the preferences of digital-age travelers. Furthermore, using AI-infused chatbots is strengthening the hospitality industry’s ability to offer 24/7 support and personalized services without significant investments. Most chatbots leverage voice control and recognition technology to eliminate the need for manual processes. At the same time, by compiling analytics from online customer testimonials on review websites, hoteliers obtain a wealth of information on their customer’s preferences, experiences, and factors that may lead to future conversions. Automation technology also delivers individualized content capable of increasing the scope of remarketing, re-engaging, and re-connecting with interested customers.

This edition of Travel and Hospitality Tech Outlook presents some of the most promising hospitality marketing solution providers. The issue includes thought leadership articles from Danny Rose, SVP for E-commerce, advertising & digital marketing at Playa Hotels & Resorts, Frank Bonini, SVP/CIO at Cordish Global Gaming and Live! Casino & Hotel, and Jason Abdullah, Corporate Director of digital marketing at Pacific Hospitality Group. This edition also showcases innovative solutions from companies like Avery Restaurant Consulting, a business that creates and implements hospitality marketing procedures and cultures for assured business growth.

    Top Hospitality Marketing Solutions Companies

  • WIHP is a hotel digital marketing agency drawing on more than 20 years of experience. They help over 11,000 hotels in 120 countries to increase their direct bookings through cutting-edge technology. WIHP provides customized, transparent, and ROI-oriented digital marketing strategies. They empower their clients with solutions like metasearch management, website creation, and digital advertising.


  • With over 30 years of experience in the service and hospitality industry, Avery Restaurant Consulting works closely with restaurants to create and implement necessary procedures and strategies for their success. From concept to management, the company is committed to helping bars, cafes, and diners turn their ideas into reality through comprehensive restaurant consulting.


  • Daryon Hotels is one of the few if not the only company that guarantees a 15 percent increase in your RevPAR Index and/or Revenue YOY. Working with Daryon Hotels is not an expense but is an investment with a very high return.


  • Destinations of Distinction is a bespoke hospitality marketing company based in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. The company represents travel destinations by providing unique and creative sales and marketing strategies to help businesses increase their presence and revenues.


  • Jadewolf Marketing is a digital marketing agency specializing in data-driven, digital marketing for luxury travel and hospitality brands. It develops digital marketing funnels that help luxury brands connect and engage with affluent travelers.


  • MHSP’s consultants provide high-level leadership to hotel sales teams, imparting guidance and enforcing sales strategies and best practices. Be it focusing on new revenue opportunities, managing existing businesses for continued customer loyalty, or ramping up sales via, say, proactive sales measures or blitz campaigns, MHSP does it all in a customized and boutique-like service delivery model.


  • RHV Media is a full time digital agency, working in the travel and hospitality sector. They provide services like web development, email marketing, digital marketing among others specifically designed to meet the needs of a property. The main goal is long term health and success of its client’s property.


  • Scarlet Boom

    Scarlet Boom

    Scarlet Boom is a Hotel Sales + Marketing firm that offers hybrid and remote sales solutions for limited and full service hotels.

  • Personica


    Personica builds technology that enables restaurants to create personal, lasting guest relationships and maximize the value of every transaction, without requiring huge marketing teams or custom-developed systems.

  • SevenRooms


    SevenRooms is a fully-integrated, data-driven guest experience platform that helps hospitality operators connect data across the guest journey. From neighborhood restaurants and bars to international, multi-concept hospitality groups, the end-to-end platform enables operators to automatically drive revenue and profitability by leveraging data to build direct relationships, deliver exceptional experiences, and increase repeat visits & orders.

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